Linked Group Services' 10+ year history of collaborating with the mining industry to deliver new-age commercial solar energy solutions that promote cost-saving and sustainability has resulted in the development and manufacture of incredibly efficient remote power solutions for mining.

Solar energy is a powerful way to reduce costs, increase energy levels and improve general efficiencies. In recent years, we’ve seen the commercial sector’s uptake in solar energy soar and we’re passionate about delivering the same benefits to mining to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint and improve efficiency. Given the non-stop nature of mining production and the fact that potential power losses can prove costly and disruptive, switching to solar power alternatives can be just what the doctor ordered!

We’ve worked hard over the past ten years to produce an outstanding suite of commercial solar energy solutions including our popular EcoSkid portable solar power systems and portable generators to deliver a competitive advantage for the mining industry.

The EcoSkid is a great fully mobile hybrid power option for mining and renewables, developed to supply clean power to remote areas. As a foldable, portable unit, it offers durability and versatility. Emissions are reduced by using solar energy, batteries and inverters to generate, store and distribute power. The good news is the EcoSkid is fully functional and can replace your diesel generator for off-road projects. It’s also scalable to accommodate more power requirements.

As a full-service energy company, we also provide process and equipment solutions with a deep understanding of the special requirements for mining. Everything we design and manufacture is in line with your specific short, medium and long-term goals matched with sustainable futures and the rugged environment you perform in.

As a true in-house turnkey service, wherever you are in Australia, we are able to provide labour, project execution, equipment manufacture, installation, equipment hire, maintenance and everything in between. See more below.



Electrical & Mechanical Project Crews
The Linked Group Services workforce consistently exhibits the premium service we strive for with a cost-aware, quality focus that thinks outside the box. Individual team members hold multiple trade licences, reducing costs, inductions, mobilisations and accommodation while presenting our clients with viable solutions.
Fabrication, Engineering & Drafting
Utilising an in-house LGS team, we provide engineering, drafting and mining fabrication services, designing and fabricating a range of steel products in our Mackay workshop. Our workshop crew are site compliant and fully equipped with vehicles to install your products throughout Australia.
Blast & Spray Facilities
Linked Group Services can provide a range of painting, blasting and spray painting services including mobile equipment for on-site requirements. Any product can be hot-dip galvanised or painted in house to meet your needs.
Mine Specified Products & Services
A significant focus for Linked Group Services is to create a credible partnership between mining and renewable energy industries by developing solar-based products and solutions. Our range of in-house designed products are mine site compliant and capable of being modified to suit your requirements.
Specialist Trade Services
Our team are highly trained and experienced individuals holding the following certifications:

  • Electrical
  • Mechanical Trades
  • Trade Assistants
  • HVAC/Refrigeration
  • Administration
  • Supervisor/Planner
  • Fibre Optic repairs and installation
  • Thermal IR audits of electrical and mechanical installations
We have a range of site ready products and equipment for hire, purchase and lease, including:

  • Portable Generators
  • Lighting Towers
  • Tilt Tray
  • Tooling Trailers/Containers
  • Light Vehicles
  • Mobile Blast and Paint
  • Remote Power Solution