EcoPort / SolarPort

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Commercial Solar Carport Solution. *

High wind regions demand a new standard in solar car park design with a view to producing a modern, architecturally pleasing structure. With that in mind, Linked Group Services created the EcoPort - a solar car park solution that provides both shelter and solar power generation.

The time-proven cantilever design of the EcoPort houses three vehicles per column and up to 9kW of PV in its basic form. The EcoPort may also be expanded infinitely to house as many vehicles or solar panels as required. It can be formatted in a three or four-module configuration while adjustable configurations and tilt mean the EcoPort can be installed in various locations – allowing for optimal solar harvest.

The EcoPort meets the rugged requirements of wind region C classification, allowing installation in cyclone areas. We have a QBCC certified solar carport construction team to design and install the system within your commercial space.


  • Wind region C, fully galvanised, modern attractive design, parks 3 cars with 9kW of solar per column.
  • Infinitely expandable
  • Simple rag bolt foundation or suspended slab mount
Commercial Solar Carport Solution

The EcoPort

Residential Solar Carport Solution.*

SolarPort is a sustainable and creative solution to turn your regular residential and commercial car parks into a power source.

Besides providing the normal benefits of a car park, you can have a modern and aesthetic design that doesn’t only provide solar shades for cars, but also creates an additional source of income.

You can save about $1500 annually per car space installed.


  • Steel Construction
  • SINGLE: 3.15 kW Power Output, 9 Units x 350W Panels
  • DOUBLE: 6.3 kW Power Output, 18 Units 350W Panels
  • Wind Rating: C3
  • Expandable in a modular end to end design


Residential Solar Carport Solution

Solar Carport Solution