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If you are in the middle of nowhere with no power, that’s not a problem anymore! Our EC0G3N portable solar generator is fully functional, providing a remote power plant for your off-road projects or emergency power supply needs.

The EC0G3N is a Hybrid Power Supply designed as a direct alternative to diesel generators. It utilises portable solar panel kits, batteries and inverters to generate, store and distribute power. Minimising fuel, labour and service costs dramatically, the EC0G3N reduces emissions and improves environmental outcomes.

The EC0G3N was awarded the prestigious Electricians Australia Excellence Awards: 'NATIONAL WINNER 2019 - Energy Efficiency Project Of The Year'.

It is versatile, durable and foldable, offering standalone remote-power solutions of the highest quality for mining and renewables. If you are looking for a reliable power supply for your mine site, or temporary power supply for remote locations or disaster relief, our EC0G3Ns are the sustainable and powerful energy solution.

Whilst the EC0G3N runs primarily from solar energy, its hybrid system offers a diesel power backup when sunlight is comprised delivering an uninterrupted power supply and peace of mind.

The benefits of the EC0G3N can be shared globally as it fits inside a container and can be shipped anywhere in the world! Both solar and hybrid generators are available for either buy or hire purposes.

Major Features:

  • Portable solar generators and hybrid generators
  • Complete off-grid solution
  • Galvanised, light steel construction
  • Meets mine specification standards
  • Scalable to power requirements
  • Generator back up
  • Minimal service intervals
  • Operational cost reductions
National Excellence Awards Winner 2018

Portable solar generators

Generator back up

Portable solar generators and hybrid generators

The EC0G3N EV Charging Station

Deploy a mobile EV Charging Station instantly – anywhere!

• Equipped with either one or two AURA EV Chargers by Charge Amps with Solar Aware Load Management software by EVolution.
• Charge rates are dynamically adjusted such that power array and generation sources are never overwhelmed by the cars being charged.

EV Charging Station