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1 Aug, 2021

Our Sustainability Commitment

Our Sustainability Commitment is to deliver tailored, site-specific commercial solar energy solutions that sustain economic and environmental impact for business and industry throughout Australia. To ...

14 Jul, 2021

What Makes Linked Group Services Different

Beef Australia 2021 ~ Tech Yard Talks. Linked Group Services travelled to Rockhampton to talk what we do differently… We manufacture all products using 100% renewable energy. We design, fabric ...

1 Jul, 2021

Benefits of Solar Car Ports and Solar Car Parks for Businesses

When evaluating the numerous commercial solar energy solutions which are out there today, you have many choices to consider. For example, have you ever thought about investing in a solar car park for ...

27 Jun, 2021

How A Portable Solar-Power Station Can Be Useful In Certain Situations

Being able to get access to power on-demand is very important. Many of us struggle to find power when we need it, especially when we are on trips away from our businesses. At the moment, though, the u ...

6 Jun, 2021

Support Local! Here's what Makes us Different

Invest in a solar company that is proudly local. As an Australian designed and made company, we have the capacity to turn the sun into fruitful revenue streams using our in-house designed and manufa ...

2 May, 2021

Is Solar Right for your Business?

Are you wondering if solar is the right choice for your business? We’ll tell you right now, it is. Solar power is now one of the leading renewable sources of energy. It helps business owners ...

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