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12 Sep, 2021

Have You Heard The News? Our Managing Director Was Listed In The Top 50 Most Influential People In Mackay

Wow, we’re so proud to hear the news!!! Our very own managing direction, Jason Sharam, has been listed in the top 50 most influential people in Mackay. In a list amongst others on the Courtier ...

6 Sep, 2021

How We Provide An Innovative Solution For Any Off-Grid Issue

We can provide an innvoative solution to any client issue even the furtherst off-grid! We focus of what they’re requiring and deliver a solution fit for now and the future. Just like this clien ...

3 Sep, 2021

Our Linked Energy Specialists

Linked Energy Division has an experienced team of project managers, engineers & electricians that specialise in: · Engineering & project management · Industrial & commerci ...

15 Aug, 2021

Comfort & Convenience: Benefits of Portable Power Generators for Homes and Businesses

More often than expected, home and business owners find themselves in a situation where grid power is inaccessible. It could be due to a multitude of reasons; a power outage due to acts of nature, you ...

15 Aug, 2021

How We Provided An Off-Grid Solution Using This Container

Our client required power for their new home and shed built in the middle of their 5000 Hectare land. Linked Group Services provided a solution to meet their need… A containerised off-grid pow ...

8 Aug, 2021

Solar Battery Storage

Across the commercial and residential industry, battery storage has become more technologically advanced and affordable creating a demand for solar battery storage. When you’re able to store as ...

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