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24 Oct, 2021

Are You Ready To Get Started With Linked Group Services?

Getting started with us is simply a matter of getting in touch. If you are in the Mackay region of North Queensland, we will arrange a meeting at our off-grid facility, Linked Powerhouse. For all enqu ...

17 Oct, 2021

The Ultimate Off-Grid Solution ~ The EcoHabitat

The EcoHabitat is an ideal option for temporary or remote accommodation, office space or a construction building – powered by the sun for energy savings. No external power or water is required on- ...

10 Oct, 2021

Our Award-Winning Work In The Energy Industry

We’re still so proud to be state finalists for our Orange Airport EcoPort as the 2021 Energy Efficient Project of The Year at the Master Electricians Australia annual awards. With a 68kW capacit ...

3 Oct, 2021

How To Future-Proof Your Home And Business

It is now well understood throughout the global community that the production of burning fossil fuels has caused significant damage to our environment and is something that must be considered in each ...

26 Sep, 2021

What We're Offering To All Clients

We’re all about making sure the highest standards are delivered to all clients and offering a thriving, innovative energy solution. Over the years we have expanded our range of services to all i ...

19 Sep, 2021

How You Can Make Money With An EcoPort

When you turn your regular parking bays into a power station you’re providing another revenue stream by way of selling unused energy! By way of a Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA), excess energ ...

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