Excellence in Energy Efficiency and Environmental Management Award 2021 from Master Builders Queensland Housing & Construction Awards 2021

Linked Group Services has won the prestigious Excellence in Energy Efficiency and Environmental Management Award at the Master Builders Queensland Housing & Construction Awards 2021 ceremony. 

The Excellence in Energy Efficiency and Environmental Management Award is an award given by the Master Builders Queensland association to companies and organisations that are playing a fundamental role in improving energy efficiency and introducing new technologies and innovative methods in the construction and energy industry. The award recognises the organisations at the forefront of building innovation and delivering projects showcasing extraordinary efficiency, safety, and environmental friendliness. 

It is awarded to companies showcasing building innovation and promoting excellence in Queensland’s housing and construction industry. The primary objective is to appreciate, recognise, and celebrate the best builders and projects across the state. All the applicants and their projects have to meet strict eligibility criteria to win this award. 

The award committee looks for a combination of these criteria.

1) Developed and implemented products that are environmentally friendly or use engineering solutions to solve a problem that is risky and hazardous and is unique to the existing solutions and technologies and has met or superseded current industry environmental standards.

2) Used innovative and pragmatic features that provide a high level of comfort and amenity with the minimum consumption of energy that is in line with Queensland environmental, climatic, and sustainability standards and needs. 

Linked Group won the award in recognition for their solar carpark project at  Willows Shopping Centre Townsville. This project required that Linked Group and its fantastic team design and construct a carport shade structure covering 500 carparks incorporating solar panels for the reduction of grid electricity dependency. This innovative method has virtually converted the carparks into a source of energy. This project not only meets the award criteria but supersedes it. This technology has reduced the dependency companies and organisations have on grid electricity and produces clean and green energy using solar cells. In addition, Linked Group deployed their innovative technology, Eco rail, which was designed and developed by the company using their off-grid complex. Furthermore, all the structural steel utilised during the course of the project was made and coated at Linked Group Service’s off-grid complex in Paget utilising 100% renewable energy generated through solar PVs. Moreover, it was the largest project of its type in Australia. The project was indisputably recognised as an innovative engineering solution that met the client’s brief while making a positive contribution to the effort to halt climate change.  

Linked Group Services is a leading renewable energy service provider with clients in the mining, construction, industrial, agricultural, and government sectors. Their products such as the Solar port, Ecohabitat, Ecohub and Power Generators, among other multi-award-winning Australian-designed and manufactured solar goods provide a great return on investment for clients. So, if you’re seeking environmentally friendly, sustainable energy for your home or business, Linked Group Services is the place to go.

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