Comfort & Convenience: Benefits of Portable Power Generators for Homes and Businesses

More often than expected, home and business owners find themselves in a situation where grid power is inaccessible. It could be due to a multitude of reasons; a power outage due to acts of nature, you are working or living in a remote location where grid power is inaccessible, or you might require an uninterrupted power supply for life-supporting medical equipment. Put concisely; you need a reliable source for your electrical power needs so you can be prepared, safe and comfortable, when conventional grid power is not an option.

A portable generator is a great investment in a commercial scenario, especially for construction and on-site metal fabrication. Portable generators come in a variety of power output options for a variety of applications. For construction in remote areas, they provide the necessary power for electrical tools and machinery. When working in Australia’s rugged regional areas this is particularly beneficial since grid power is often not accessible. Similarly, for those in agri-business, portable generators provide a reliable source of electrical power for field machinery and tools.

In Australia’s extreme weather areas, power outages occur out of the blue. Home and business owners can equally benefit from investing in decent portable generators. These can be used to power essential appliances in case the power gets interrupted due to bad weather, providing a sense of relief in such adverse situations. Medical facilities in such areas can really benefit from investing in a decent portable power solution. Also, there has been a recent upwards trend in people opting for off-grid residences either in off-grid homes or RVs. This presents an ideal use case scenario for portable generators in Australia.

As the world is taking a shift towards cleaner energy sources, portable solar generators present a solid alternative to conventional fossil fuel-powered portable generators. A portable solar generator is simply an array of solar panels arranged on a trailer with the necessary electronics such as inverters, charge controllers and even batteries onboard, providing a plug and play solution to your electricity needs. These solar generators offer multiple benefits over their conventional counterparts.

  • Easy to operate. Just plug and play
  • Little to no maintenance compared to fossil fuel-powered generators
  • Totally noiseless
  • No emissions; hence the generators are environmentally friendly
  • 24/7 backup with lithium batteries to provide backup at night or during cloudy days
  • No fuel consumptions hence the ability to provide power in remote off-grid conditions for an extended period of time
  • Variety of applications. Remote off-grid homes, construction sites, manufacturing, camping, agriculture etc.

Linked Group Services provide portable power solutions for both commercial and domestic needs. With a product selection of power outputs ranging from 10 kVA to 830 kVA our generators can serve a wide range of customer needs. Our product range includes fossil fuel-powered generators, mobile solar plants, and a hybrid commercial solar energy solution. Apart from that we also provide complete installation and after-sales service in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and Western Australia.

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