Solar Carports: The Next Big Thing in Solar Energy

Installing a solar carport at your property is a sound investment.  It is also a creative and sustainable way of generating additional income.

Solar carports and car parks have become very popular throughout the world, with over 100 countries adopting this innovative technology.  Australia is at the forefront of this move, making remarkable inroads into both the commercial and residential sectors.

The technology is versatile and offers consumers all the benefits of traditional solar energy with the added bonus of being very efficient, aesthetically appealing and excellent value for money.

What are Solar Carports?

A solar carport is a ground-mounted structure of solar panels that offers homeowners additional opportunities to add solar panels to their property.  They can replace any existing carport so they won’t take up any additional space, and they can be optimally orientated for maximum sunlight exposure, potentially producing more power than the solar panels on the roof of your house.

Homeowners across Australia are taking advantage of the many benefits of installing a solar carport. 

So, What Are the Benefits of a Solar Carport?

Apart from the usual benefits associated with sustainable and renewable energy sources, like reducing your carbon footprint and saving money on your energy bills, solar carports, and solar car parks, offer consumers the following unmistakable benefits:

  • Traditional benefits with a twist: Solar carports offer you the benefits of a traditional carport, like sheltering your car from the elements, and they also come in modern and aesthetically pleasing designs
  • Increase the value of your property: The financial and environmental benefits of having a solar panel installation are undeniable.  Solar power systems are becoming increasingly popular features on the property market which will undoubtedly increase your home’s market value.  This is great news for when you want to sell your property;
  • Reduce energy expenses: Solar carports can offer huge savings on your electricity bills – during the day, you will be drawing electricity from your panels rather than the grid.
  • Efficient use of space: You don’t need additional space to erect the solar carport as these can be installed where your existing carport is.  It also provides an alternative if your main roof space is not suitable for solar panels.
  • They’re adaptable: As free-standing structures, they can be installed to suit the homeowner’s needs, including size and style.  The installation will also take into account the position of the panels to maximise the panels’ exposure to sunlight, reduce panel shade, and increase the efficiency of your investment.

 How do Solar Carports Differ from Other Types of Solar Panels?

Although solar carports function the same way as other solar equipment, i.e., harnessing the energy of the sun to produce power, they do differ from other types of solar panels in some ways like:

  • They are ground-mounted and require different installation skills and hardware to, say, roof panels.
  • They don’t need to be attached to a roof or other surface.
  • Because of their size, there is some flexibility around design and the material of the structure.

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