Benefits and Disadvantages to Portable Solar Generators

Solar power generators are an exciting new environmentally friendly alternative, to what has up until now been filled by fossil fuel driven portable generators. They’re compact, portable, and require very little maintenance. But are they worth the investment? Do they produce enough energy for your needs?

Let’s take a look at what portable solar power generators are, and whether or not they actually save you money.

What are Portable Solar Power Generators?

Portable solar power generators are a portable power source that produces energy provided by the sun. They’re just like your typical diesel or gas generators, but instead of fuel, it makes use of solar energy through solar panels installed on a compact frame or trailer. Basically, power is provided by the sun, converted into electricity, and stored into a power pack, usually made of lithium-ion batteries.

These generators make use of fuel only when the sun and battery energy sources are exhausted, and therefore, reduce emissions dramatically, making them great for the environment, while also saving you money on electricity.

These portable solar power generators are mostly used as an emergency power source, or just as short to medium term power supplies for your home/business or project.

What are the Main Benefits and Disadvantages of a Mobile Solar Plant?

These portable solar generators provide the following benefits:

  • Saves money
  • No need to use fuel
  • No fumes
  • No noise
  • Low maintenance
  • Removes requirement to interact with hardware and potential hazards. Ie fuels, hot surfaces, noise.

However, it does have its disadvantages, which are:

  • Susceptible to environmental conditions
  • Can cost more upfront than gas generators

How a Portable Solar Generator Saves You Money

If you’ve always wanted to have solar panels installed in your home, but think the commitment to invest a large amount of money and carry out a lifestyle change to renewable energy for your home is too much, then a portable solar generator is a great way to start.

Using a portable solar generator of Linked Group’s size also allows you to save electricity and expenses at an incredibly large scale. With the use of your portable solar generator at home for for you business or a project, every 1000 watts produced by the device could save you about $4000 per year if it creates this amount of power every day. 

Utilising a portable solar generator also saves time and money on refueling where the generator is essentially re-fuelled by the sun and doesn’t require too much of a person’s effort to maintain. 


Portable solar generators are great for off-the-grid homes or as a backup emergency power source for you business or project. They can typically provide enough energy for industrial operations, home electricity systems, and any task which requires a lot of electricity on the go. If you’re looking for portable generators in Australia, have these benefits and advantages in mind when you decide to give it a try.

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