Best Solar Solutions for the Mining Sector in Australia

The mining sector, where the work locations are remote and grid power is inaccessible, there is a need for a reliable and portable power source. Solar power proves to be the most cost-saving, efficient and sustainable solution for this problem. A portable solar generator coupled with batteries and inverters can provide clean and cost-effective electricity to power mining activities at the site and round the clock. In recent years, the mining sector in Australia has seen a shift from diesel generators to portable solar generators. While the mining industry has long been known to be a significant contributor to air pollution, going solar can significantly reduce the industry’s carbon footprint and at the same time save on huge fuel costs. Power outages at the mines could mean a financial nightmare and investing in the right commercial solar energy solutions means that you have access to power 24\7. 

Linked Group Services has over 10 years of experience working closely with the mining sector to develop portable commercial solar energy solutions suited specifically for the industry’s needs. Their efforts are directed towards giving the client a competitive advantage over their competitors by almost completely cutting the expenditure on fuel. With portable power generators, the industry can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the mining operation. Not only that, the clients are relieved from the hassle of refuelling and other supply chain issues that come with diesel generators. Not to mention that solar power systems are essentially maintenance-free. Currently, Linked Group Services offers 3 main solutions for the mining sector as part of the EcoHub product category.


The EcoGen is a standalone, mobile solar plant on wheels that is a solid alternative to convention diesel generators. It is available in a range of KVA ratings and can be customized to suit your specific needs. The EcoGen comes kitted with portable solar panels, batteries and inverters and there is an option to add a small diesel generator to provide backup on days when the sky is overcast and capacity for solar energy production is limited. This type of generator is specifically designed to power communication and surveillance equipment, lighting, prospecting and surveying equipment as well as monitoring and networking devices. Moreover, it also packs enough punch to power hydraulics, air compressors and other tools and equipment as well. The EcoGen delivers all this in a relatively compact, mobile and practically maintenance-free package. 


The EcoHabitat is a temporary remote accommodation option for staff or office space for site managers at either mine sites or at construction sites. The structure is environmentally sustainable as it is powered by solar panels located on the roof representing an ideal commercial solar energy solution that generates power bill savings for businesses. Moreover, it can be completely customised to suit your specific needs and does not require any external power or water facilities onsite. The EcoHabitat is as easy as “Transport, Unload and Use”. 

Micro Turbine Portable Power Generators 

Rarely, there are situations where solar generators need to be backed up by diesel generators, for example, on a rainy or a cloudy day when the solar generator is unable to produce sufficient power. However when in need, Linked Group Service offers power generators that feature a power range of between 10 to 830kVA. These generators while being durable and efficient also have portable capabilities. Moreover, while being powered primarily with petrol or diesel fuel, hybrid and solar versions of these generators are also available for the eco-conscious business. Don’t get caught short when you need power the most. 

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