Solar Solutions for Industry & Agricultural Business

Clean and green energy has become a topical issue in contemporary society. Everyone is talking about the importance of clean energy to reduce their carbon footprint and slow down the speed of global warming. Energy from solar panels is one of the best green energy solutions present in the modern world. Linked Group has been providing green commercial solar energy solutions to industry and agricultural businesses for the last 10 years. It has developed portable commercial solar energy solutions for the industrial and agricultural sectors operating in remote areas of the country. These solutions and their efficacy are discussed below:

EcoHabitat - A perfect solution for the construction industry operating in remote areas

One of the biggest problems faced by the construction industry when working in remote areas is the logistics of housing crew and site workers while on-site. The EcoHabitat removes this logistical challenge as each unit has a fully customisable layout and is purpose-built for temporary accommodation needs. Better yet, it requires no external energy sources as it is self-sufficient due to solar panels on the roof providing power. This clean and green energy source allows the occupants of the cabin to use hot water and air conditioning with ease during their stay. This is an excellent commercial solar energy solution for site managers or operations managers looking to house their site workers on-site in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner. 

EcoGen - A perfect solution for off-road projects 

Usually, in the construction industry, during the construction of roads, bridges, and buildings, the project managers have to keep moving their energy source from one place to another. So, they need a portable energy source to meet their dynamic needs. If you are looking for portable commercial solar energy solutions for your off-road projects, then the EcoGen is the perfect match for all your rigorous requirements. The EcoGen can fit inside a container and can be moved anywhere. 

EcoGen - Perfect Solution for Agri Businesses Transportation Dilemmas 

Likewise in the agricultural industry, keeping produce fresh and palatable is an energy-intensive and often costly process. The EcoGen due to its dimensions and compact nature can be placed inside the container of a truck meaning wherever and whenever your produce departs from the producer to the supplier or distributor it is fresh and palatable. The portable solar generator while ensuring your crop doesn’t spoil while being transported also contains a generator backup to give you peace of mind. Furthermore, the EcoGen also minimises the existing operational costs of transporting your crop. 

SolarPort- Convert your parking lot into an energy source 

People around the globe are converting their parking lots into energy sources as the need to save the planet becomes ever more clear. They are installing solar panels on parking sheds to generate free clean and green energy. So, if you have a parking lot for your office and want to convert it into an energy source, then SolarPort by Linked Group is the best solution for you. 

Linked Group is a reputable organisation providing solar energy solutions to various industries across Australia. So, if you are looking for commercial solar energy solutions in the industrial and agricultural sectors, then Linked Group is your go-to company. 

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