Solar System Design and Manufacturing

The designing and manufacturing of renewable energy solutions are imperative to meet industrial and commercial energy needs. A reliable, experienced, and skilful organisation is required to ensure the perfect renewable energy solutions can be designed and manufactured. If you are looking for trustworthy renewable energy solutions in Australia, the choice is not easy due to the number of companies offering solutions. Here is a list of 5 factors that will help you choose the right renewable energy solutions provider for your industrial or commercial renewable energy needs.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should choose Linked Group for all your solar system design and manufacturing needs. 

1. In-house design, fabrication, and coating

The factor that differentiates Linked Group from other industrial and commercial renewable energy solution providers is that we have in-house design, fabrication, and coating options. So, if you are looking for customised solutions to suit the unique requirements of your lifestyle or business, Linked Group is the most trustworthy service provider in Australia. We are known as the best metal fabrication service provider in the Gold Coast, Queensland. Moreover, our metal fabrication service on the Sunshine Coast is also available now. We have an experienced and skilful team to produce a variety of commercial renewable energy solutions, designs, fabrications and coatings for all.  

2. Local designing and manufacturing

Be Australian and buy locally manufactured, true blue products. This will greatly improve the country’s economy and will provide employment and job opportunities to millions of Australians. Linked Group is a leading solar system design and manufacturing company based in Mackay, Queensland. We are producing world-class solar energy products and components, so you should support the Australian economy and the local industry by using the services and products of Linked Group. We have the highest quality commercial and industrial renewable energy solutions.

3. Environment-friendly production plants

The world amid the twenty-first century is facing an existential threat due to climate changes and global warming. The major cause of climate change is the increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The main cause of carbon emissions is the combustion of fossil fuels for the production of electricity. In Australia, most of the electricity in the grids is produced by burning fossil fuels. So, it is our responsibility to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide by minimizing the use of non-clean energy and also buying products from companies adopting clean and green energy. In this context, Linked Group produces all its energy from solar panels and other green and clean methods. So, by buying our commercial and industrial renewable energy solutions, you can contribute to saving the planet. 

4. Design and development of residential solutions

The solar energy solutions needed by the industry and residential buildings are different. High-voltage solutions are typically required for commercial buildings and needs; however, this is not the case for residential solutions.

Keeping this in mind, we also have the capability to design and develop renewable energy solutions to meet your industrial and commercial needs. 

5. Consideration for local conditions and requirements

Solar energy solution components and equipment are very sensitive to external conditions. Solar panels are dependent on the external temperature, angle of incidence of photons, heat, and the flow and direction of the wind for giving the maximum output. In addition, the storage batteries are very sensitive to external temperature for their efficiency and productivity. Accordingly, consideration of local conditions is of paramount importance when designing and manufacturing solar systems and products. 

We, at Linked Group, design and manufacture renewable energy components keeping in mind all these conditions to produce efficient and effective renewable energy solutions

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